The Midwest Book Review/Manifesting Methods For Would Be Millionaires

The Midwest Book Review
Manifesting Methods For Would Be Millionaires

Susan James
Vast Five Publishing
ISBN: 1-59113-181-2, $19.95, 2001, pp. 139,

What if becoming a millionaire wasn’t about striving to attain
wealth, goal setting or aggressive marketing? What if
becoming a millionaire was as easy as going to the grocery

According to Susan James, consultant and author of
Manifesting Methods For Would Be Millionaires, becoming a
millionaire IS that easy. In the opening of the book, James
says that achieving millionaire status is truly just, “The
application of the mechanics of Energy and Spirit toward
multimillionaire status.”

Using a theory James calls User Friendly Physics, this book
reveals how thoughts, not action, create the millionaires of the
world. Better yet, she tells us how to change our thoughts and
thus raise our vibrations to millionaire status. She tells us how
we keep ourselves from becoming millionaires: constant
worrying about how we will pay our bills, speaking words
that contradict what we say we want for our lives, even our
attitudes toward other things unrelated to money. All our
words and thoughts are energy and create our reality. So, in
order to get to millionaire, we must align the thoughts and
words we present to the world, and more importantly, to
ourselves, with what we want, not what we don’t want.

Divided into a series of 50 essays or “branches,” each
expanding on the last, this book reveals the recipe for
millionaire. Also included is an index of resources for further
study and “games” James devised to change our focus from
lack to millionaire.

This book is very thought provoking, revealing where our
thoughts go awry, where we can change our attitudes to align
ourselves with the financial situation we say we want. It
seems so simple: If we need gas for the car, we think about
wanting gas and drive to the gas station. We don’t complain
about not having gas or whine that we won’t be able to drive
our car when it finally runs completely out. We simply align
ourselves with the need for gas, drive to a gas station and fill
it up.

Is becoming a millionaire so simple? According to Susan
James it is. Maybe if enough of us read and apply her ideas,
we’ll see how simple it is, too.

Shannon McKelden Cave
Reviewer/The Midwest Book Review

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